Turbo Rebuilds

Turbo Rebuilding Services

TonyMotive Performance has got you covered for all of your turbo rebuild, turbo upgrade, and turbo part needs. Whether you just need to rebuild your stock turbos or you want to upgrade to some real power, TonyMotive Performance can help you out!  We offer complete turbo rebuilding services, turbo upgrading services, and more.

Standard Turbo Rebuild (includes balance) - We use high standard OEM replacement parts in all of our turbocharger rebuilds to ensure you get the best possible quality. Don't be fooled by others who use parts from unknown sources and charge next to nothing to rebuild. You will end up paying more in the long run.

High Performance Turbo Rebuild (includes balance) - This includes a steel 360 degree thrust bearing instead of the 270 degree and stepped gap piston ring if available for your turbo. We recommend a high-performance rebuild for anyone who pushes their turbo to its limits, uses extremely high boost, or someone who would just like knowing they have the highest quality, most durable parts available installed in their turbo.


  • Ceramic Coating Turbine Housing
  • Bearing Housing Heat Disbursement Coating
  • Compressor Housing Polishing
  • Compressor Housing Powder Coating
  • Billet Wheel Upgrades (when applicable)
  • Custom Machining (larger wheel upgrades)

Whether it is your daily driver, weekend cruiser, or track monster the TonyMotive Team can take care of all of your repair and performance needs.

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