Suspension Repair

Suspension Repairs & Upgrades

Tired of listening to your vehicle clunking and clanging over bumps in the road? Our Team of certified technicians is here to assist with your suspension related repairs.

Whether your vehicle is just in need of a new set of shocks or struts, or a complete control arm and bushing replacement we have the right tooling, cost effective replacement part solutions, and skill to get your vehicle back on the road in like-new condition.

If your interested in increasing your vehicle’s handling characteristics, our Performance Team is here to help you. Looking to just lower your vehicle slightly with a new set of springs, or add a fully adjustable coilover solution, our Team can give you access to the best components for the application from Partners at KW Suspension, Ohlins, BIlstein, H&R, and JRZ.


Whether it is your daily driver, weekend cruiser, or track monster the TonyMotive Team can take care of all of your repair and performance needs.

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